What kind of tow truck service do I need?

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Tow Truck Service

If you have found yourself in a situation where your vehicle is in need of towing, make sure to look for an experienced, reliable and professional towing company in your area. Before you start your search for the right company, you should decide what kind of towing best fits your situation. Here are the four most common towing services used today.

Flatbed towing is the most widely used towing solution. Flatbed tow truck Service have a long empty bed in the back, which is operated using hydraulics. A car can be driven up the ramp of the bed if it is still operational. Otherwise, the truck can pull it up, as long as it is possible to set the car into neutral gear.

There is no direct contact between the car and the road during towing, which makes flatbed towing the safest and most convenient solution in many cases. It is most suitable for cars, which have developed unexpected mechanical problems during the drive, car accidents, or simply for transporting a car from point A to point B when the driver is not in the right state of operating the vehicle.

  • Hook and chain tow truck service operate by using a long retractable chain with a hook on the end, which is attached underneath the front or the back of the vehicle. One side is lifted up into the air and the car gets pulled on the wheels which remain on the ground.
  • This towing method puts a lot of pressure on the vehicle and can result in scratches, deformed parts, or broken off pieces. That is why such towing method is most suitable if extra damage is not an issue, for example, if the vehicle is getting towed to a junkyard or to a shop to be used for parts. 
  • Wheel lift tow truck Service use a similar method to the hook and chain, but instead of a hook, there is a metal yoke designed to go under the drive wheels of the car and lift them up. This approach does not put pressure on one part of the car. It is a great alternative to the hook and chain with provided additional safety features.
  • Integrated tow truck service  have an extra axle designed to provide strength and stability when towing heavy-duty vehicles, such as rigs and buses.

Your car might need to be towed because of a breakdown, an accident or a simple relocation, but unless it is totaled and being sent to the junkyard, you do not want the towing process to cause any additional damage to it. That is where decision making on which service to use comes into play.

Flatbed towing might be the best option in these scenarios:

  1. You own a vehicle, which is low to the ground and pulling it with a dolly might scrape the bottom.
  2. The pulled vehicle is all-wheel drive and pulling it on two wheels might badly damage the transmission.
  3. You need your car to be transported to a faraway location and having the car pulled by two wheels for an extended period of time would increase the risk of additional damages.
  4. The towed car is vintage and/or of high value and you cannot take any risks of even minor damage.
  5. The towed vehicle is over the weight limit of what a dolly can handle.
  6. The car has wheel damage and cannot be towed using a dolly.

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