Fast and Safe Light Duty Towing

We provide 24 hour tow truck services for light vehicles

Light Duty Towing is a specialized service provided by our hauling company to drivers in Tampa and Plant City. Additionally, based on our clients’ preferences, we extend this service to include Brandon, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, and Riverview.

Our hauling service in Tampa covers a diverse range of vehicle designs and types, all with a gross weight not exceeding 3500 kg. This includes Sedans, Hatchbacks, SUVs, Coupes, Convertibles, Wagons, Minivans, Pickup Trucks, Sports Cars, Motorcycles, and boats. If you encounter any emergencies on the roads while driving any of these vehicles, please contact us immediately at (813) 414-1127 for fast and secure tow truck services.

a pickup truck with a car executing a light duty towing service
flatbed with two cars

Our Light Towing Service has a response time of 30 minutes if you are within Tampa or in Plant City. For other near areas, the estimated arrival time may vary depending on the distance to your location. However, our commitment is to reach you as quickly as possible.

Our company offers unbeatable rates for all towing in Tampa, with excellent value for money and complete transparency. There are no hidden fees; you only pay the price agreed when requesting the service.

Our tow truck company guarantee that our hauling service for light vehicles is safe, reliable and affordable. Our modern fleet of tow trucks and equipment allows us to handle all tow needs in Tampa Bay. Regardless of the make and its design, we assure our customers that their vehicles will be delivered without any damage.

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Choosing the Right Method for towing in Tampa

Expert Techniques for Moving Your Vehicle with Care

Images of a flatbed hauling a blue car in Tampa

Flatbed hauling is an excellent method for light vehicle hauling due to its numerous benefits. It prioritizes safety, accommodating a wide range of vehicles while minimizing the risk of damage during transportation. With our stable platform, your vehicle remains secure throughout the process.

Images of a flatbed using the two wheel method

Wheel lift method is a great choice for light tow truck services,  because it helps protect the cars from potential damage. By lifting the wheels securely, it avoids putting any strain on the vehicle’s body or suspension. This means fewer chances of scratches, dents, or other problems during hauling.

images of a pick up truck using a dolly hauling method

Dolly method is beneficial for auto tow services as it provides stability and minimizes potential damage. The dolly supports the vehicle’s weight and lifts the front or rear wheels, reducing strain on the transmission and suspension. This method ensures a smooth and secure hauling.

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Auto Tow in Tampa

We offer light auto tow services 24/7. Our primary service areas include Tampa and Plant City, and we also provide services in Brandon, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, and Riverview.

Our rates are affordable and depend on the distance and complexity of the service. You can obtain a free price estimate by calling 813-414-1127 or filling out our online form. Our tow truck company is known for its reliability and commitment to safety in the region.

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  • Marisol Hernandez-Reyes

    I had a j**k park in my house’s driveway. Knocked in a couple of doors and no one came out. Called Alfredo Towing Services and Edward Quiñones was in my house in under 45 minutes. Everything was taken care of in under an hour (from phone call to towing!)

  • How We Kept the Wheels of Commerce Turning

    The success of this operation not only lay in towing the truck to its destination but also in upholding the company's commitment to a 30 minute ETA.

  • Jhon Wolfe

    These guys came so fast I never expected it and they are very knowledgeable in getting this dump trailer out of the situation. It was in they did a great job. I highly recommend this company for any of your towing needs.

  • Towing in Tampa a new 2023 Volvo

    The driver of this new 2023 Volvo called us in the morning to request our towing service in Tampa. His Volvo wouldn’t start so he decided to call Alfredo Towing Services to have a tow truck sent out as soon as possible.

  • How We Kept the Wheels of Commerce Turning

    The success of this operation not only lay in towing the truck to its destination but also in upholding the company's commitment to a 30 minute ETA.