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At Alfredo Towing Services, we offer a high quality heavy duty towing in Tampa Bay and its surrounding areas. So, we guarantee that our services are in compliance with the requirements of our clients and the legal regulations for hauling companies.

Moreover, our tow company is well known for an excellent arrival time and the professionalism its members. The main reason is that we strive to provide tow truck services, in less than 45 minutes within Tampa City.

Additionally, our services are available 24 hours a day, including holidays and weekend, with the purpose of keeping our rates as low as possible and turn our heavy towing service affordable to all Tampa drivers.

Alfredo Towing Services guarantees the quality of the members of its team, who possess all the necessary competencies to handle any heavy towing situation. Thus, our drivers particularly, are recognized by customers for their friendly, polite, and empathetic behavior, as well as their knowledge and skills.

The modernity and variety of our tow truck fleet allows us to provide a higher level of service to our customers in Tampa. Plus, our wreckers and rotators are excellent for recovery services, while our flatbeds, lowboys, and landoll trailers are the best choice for the safe transportation of your heavy duty trucks.

Furthermore, we guarantee 100% the safety of your vehicle during loading, transportation, and delivery to the destination. To achieve this, we follow standards and best practices established for tow truck services. Additionally, we employ safety protocols to prevent accidents or any further damage during the job.

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The flatbed service is a very safe solution for transporting heavy vehicles. It’s easy to load and unload vehicles onto the flatbed due to the versatile ramp.

This means that RVs, buses, boats, vans, and other vehicles can be transported without any damage. Additionally, since the vehicle never touches the road directly, it avoids getting dents and scratches. The flatbed service is a great choice when vehicle recovery isn’t needed.

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Our wreckers have powerful winches and arms specifically designed to safely tow heavy vehicles. They come equipped with attachments that allow for different tow methods, enabling them to perform complex heavy towing services.

This trucks have advanced technology with hydraulic systems, stabilizers, and controls, that guarantee the safety of vehicles during the recovery process until they are delivered to their destination.

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Our rotators have specialized rotating arms capable of lifting vehicles up to 50 tons. They feature an advanced stabilization system that guarantee the safety of the vehicles, ensuring that they don´t suffer any damages or accident during the recovery and hauling process.

Our rotators provide more comprehensive recovery solutions than wreckers, because their arms are more flexible,allowing to execute recoveries at more complex angles.

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A lowboy trailer is the best option when it is necessary to transport a vehicle that, due to its heavy weight and oversized dimensions, does not fit on a flatbed. It is perfect for transporting construction or agricultural machinery over difficult terrains or for long distances.

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The Landoll trailer, similar to the Lowboy trailer, is suitable for carrying heavy loads. However, the Lowboy trailer has a platform that can tilt, making it easier to load and unload vehicles, especially those with a low chassis or can´t be driven.

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Our rotators have specialized rotating arms capable of lifting vehicles up to 50 tons. They feature an advanced stabilization system that guarantee the safety of the vehicles, ensuring that they don´t suffer any damages or accident during the recovery and subsequent towing process.



Heavy Duty Towing

Our company provides heavy towing services in Tampa, Lakeland, Plant City, Brandon, Wesley Chapel and Riverview. Our customers can  contact us at 813-414- 1127 in any emergency situation on the road, because we are 24 hour available with a estimated arrival time of 30 minutes for Tampa and plant city. We have the lowest rates of the region for any tow truck service, but it may vary depending of the distance and complexity of the job, but you can request a free quote first and we will answer as soon as possible. At our company in Tampa, we try to improve our services every day, you can help us leaving a review on Google and share your experience with other drivers in Tampa.

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