Image of tow truck light towing service Tampa Tallahassee

At Alfredo Towing Service we love to help our customers. With our Light Towing in Tampa we did it again. The client contacted us by phone 813-414-1127 and requested the Towing Service in Tampa.

He was looking for a towing service company in Tampa able to tow his car back. Alfredo Towing Service serves all Tampa and Surrounding Areas, so we agreed to provide the Light Towing Service.The client agreed our tow truck ETA and the quote for  Light Towing Service.

The tow truck driver assigned to this Towing Service left to Tallahassee. After 8 hours of towing service, the towed car was delivered safely to the drop off location. The Customer was happy with our towing service.


Towing in Tampa and near areas

Alfredo Towing Services is the answer to “24/7 towing service near me”. We are a local towing company in Tampa and near areas. We provide car towing and roadside assistance in Tampa. Our modern tow trucks fleet is ready for any size and weight car towing. With our towing service we help you to move your RVs, SUVs, trailers, trucks to the car dealer or repair shop in Tampa.

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