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Why towing services companies are important? Automobile breakdowns totaled 72 million in 2022. The main causes were flat tire, accident, mechanical breakdowns and running out of petrol.

So it´s essential to count with a towing service company in speed dial.

But, how to select the best towing service company? What kind of tow truck do you need? When to contact a tow truck, how to pick the best tow truck?  It´s the towing service covered by your insurance?

Answering this question will help to select the right towing service company.

Without a tow truck or the right towing service company, you may be trapped on the road until a family member or friend arrives to assist you, or until a kind-hearted stranger comes to your aid and tow your car.

But a professional towing service company has the necessary equipment to handle a wide range of automobile troubles, including any kind of roadside assistance service like recovery, flat tire, car lockout, winching and refueling.

Why do you need a tow truck or a towing service?

With a tow truck or a towing service, you’ll be able to deal with the following problems

  • 1
    Vehicles may be restarted by using jumper cables.
  • 2
    In this case, the battery is installed.
  • 3
    Engine malfunctions
  • 4
    Tires are flat.
  • 5
    Being stranded without keys
  • 6
    Towing a flatbed

In order to avoid being taken advantage of financially, it’s critical that the towing service company and the tow truck driver, treat your vehicle with care after it’s hooked up to the tow truck


Best towing service choice

Learn more about Alfredo Towing Services Company. Since we started in 2016, we area  prestigious and reliable towing service company. We provide high quality towing service and roadside assistance services at affordable prices in Tampa and near areas. We modernize our tow trucks every year increasing our towing service capabilities.

How to Select the Best Towing Service

Don´t wait an emergency event to select the best towing service to tow your car

Before you require a towing service, it’s a good idea to choose the right towing service company to call. For the best towing service company selection the first step is to find out all the towing service companies that serve in your area. You can compile a list of towing service company searching in google, for example: “Towing Service near me” or “Towing Service in Tampa” or “Car Tow Tampa“.

Once you have the towing service company list, you should research about the reputation of every towing service company. To find out about the towing service reputation ask individuals you know and trust for their recommendations. Check customer reviews on Facebook, Instagram, customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Yellow.  It’s important to have a history of positive reviews. Look for a rating between 4.5 and 5.0 on the scale. Find out what other people have to say about their towing service experiences, the tow trucks looks, the towing service company employee skills.

The fact that a towing service company responds to client feedback demonstrates that they care about its customers. Evidence of towing service and tow car experience are quite valuable, but this does not imply that the towing service you´ll receive will be of high quality.

Be Aware of Towing Services Available

First find out if the company offer all kind of towing service

There are towing service providers that specialize in a particular type of towing car, while others offer a wide range of towing service and roadside assistance. Do some research about what kind of towing service each company offer. A 24-hour towing service is needed if your car breaks down in the middle of the night. You’ll need an interstate towing service company if you want to tow your car over state boundaries. In addition towing services, some towing service companies have collision repair facilities of their own and can handle anything from accident repair to vehicle detailing to tire alignment to windshield repair.

Find out About Towing Service Cost

There are high quality towing service companies with affordable prices

Before engage with a towing service company tow you car, you need to know how much it will cost. Most of towing service companies prices are based on the number of miles the tow truck takes to get the towed car from origin to destination. Many towing service providers demand extra fees for car towing in situations like towing service on a holiday, tow car off-road, towing service interstate, and more. Before making a selection, make sure to examine the prices of several towing service companies.

Towing Service experience and reliability

How many year has the towing service companies in the car tow market?

Towing service companies that offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance are the most dependable. Providers without 24/7 towing service emergency  are unreliable in terms of providing high-quality service. A long history of towing service experience is required to go along with this level of trustworthiness. It will be more difficult for a new towing service company to prove that they worth the investment. Look for company with at least 5 years experience in car towing.

Is Towing Service Covered by Insurance?

Towing services are expensive

Towing services are expensive, so you’ll want to find out whether your insurance carrier will pay for the car towing. Unless the selected towing service company has a contract with a big insurance carrier, you will be responsible for the towing service costs. If you’re looking for a local towing service company, keep track of which insurance carriers they operate with.

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