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Tow truck 45 minutes car tow in Tampa.

Alfredo Towing Services flatbed. 45 minutes arrival time.

This new customer waited over two hours for another towing company in Tampa. No tow truck arrived. The client told us that he searched for “towing service company near me” and appeared in the business section Alfredo Towing Services, 24/7 fast towing service and roadside assistance in Tampa and near areas.

So he called Alfredo Towing Services for a car tow. He requested a quote and estimated time of arrival. We communicated our quote to him, he considered that it was a fair price for a towing service in Tampa, taking into account the distance that the tow truck had to travel for this car tow service.

The driver arrived with the tow truck in 45 minutes. The driver of the tow truck loaded and secures the car to the flatbed in 17 minutes. The tow truck delivered the customer’s car to the requested address. A successful towing service with Alfredo Towing Services.

We suggest don´t waste time searching for “Towing Service Company near me“. Register on speed dial the number 813 414-1127, Alfredo towing services. You´ll have the best experience in towing service and roadside assistance. We will tow your car fast and safe.

Call us anytime; Alfredo Towing Services is a 24/7 light and heavy towing services and roadside assistance company. Our tow truck fleet is modern and large enough to provide car tows in all Tampa and near areas.


Car tow in Tampa

Alfredo Towing Services is 24/7 towing service and roadside assistance company. We provide car tows in Tampa and near areas. You don,t need to waste time searching for “towing service company near me”. Just register Alfredo Towing Services number in speed dial: 813 414-1127. Call today for the towing service leader company in Tampa.

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