Recovery Service for Heavy-Duty Rotator Cranes in Tampa, FL

Alfredo Towing Services - Heavy Duty Rotator Crane Services

Do you have a big job to do? In Tampa, FL, Alfredo Towing Services provides 75-Ton Rotator Wrecker services.

Alfredo Towing Services masters in rotator crane recovery! Alfredo Towing Services has the most comprehensive and up-to-date line of towing and recovery equipment in Tampa, FL. We utilise 75-ton and 60-ton rotator cranes to complete the task securely and quickly. These wreckers are capable of 360-degree rotation and lifting up to 75 tons.

Alfredo Towing Services provides heavy lifting and transportation services for building sites, industrial facilities, and other locations. For all sorts of heavy trucks, tractors, and equipment, we provide winching, water recovery, dump truck recovery, mud recovery, forklift recovery, and tractor trailer recovery services.

Heavy Equipment Lifting, Moving and Recovery

Our rotator trucks are powerful and adaptable. In the Tampa, FL area, our crane services are unrivaled. Our rotator can be set up within structures and work in confined locations where a crane would be unable to operate. Alfredo Towing Services are experienced at transporting your heavy load safely, no matter where it is. So, whatever you need done, if you have a large load to move, we’ve got you covered.
Our clients who need to build a rooftop HVAC system are one of our most typical calls. Alfredo Towing Services will expertly perform the work if your firm requires a dependable, well-trained rotator crane operator to raise air conditioner units for your customers. Lifting and carefully positioning HVAC systems on commercial and residential rooftops is a specialty of Alfredo Towing Services.
We also do a lot more than only hoist air conditioners…

  1. We also offer the following rotator crane services:
  2. Construction sites are recovering quickly.
  3. Generators and compressors are set up.
  4. Stacking and unloading trailers
  5. Farm equipment has made a strong comeback.
  6. Load Transfers & Load Shifts
  7. Extraction of mud

Give Alfredo Towing Services a call if your company uses cranes to install HVAC equipment in Tampa, FL.

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Heavy Duty Towing

Productivity suffers when heavy equipment becomes trapped. The procedure of recovering a vehicle can be complicated and dangerous. That is why you should entrust your most important relocation projects to Alfredo Towing Services. We specialize in transporting huge cars and equipment, and we’ve recovered buses, tractors, trucks, trailers, construction equipment, and more. That’s why Alfredo Towing Services assists police departments and the state of Florida with heavy-duty accident recovery. Our team is Wreckmaster-certified for Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery, so you can rest easy.
The following are some of our heavy-duty recovery services:

  1. Recovery of Semi-Trucks
  2. Tractor Recovery from a Semi-Truck Uprighting
  3. Cleaning Up After a Semi-Truck Accident
  4. Recovery of Tractor-Trailers
  5. Recovering Water
  6. Mud Removal
  7. Recovery of Air Cushions
  8. Cargo Cleanup on Semi-Trucks
  9. Diesel Delivery of Fuel
  10. Storage for trailers
  11. Cargo Hauling
  12. Recovery of Air Cushions
  13. Recovering Construction Equipment
  14. Recovery of a Dump Truck
  15. Recovery of Buses and Motor Coaches
  16. Recovery of a Boat

    One of the largest towing and recovery wreckers on the market is our 75-ton rotator truck. It’s the ultimate recuperation tool!

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Are you on a task and require some more towing power? Can our 75-ton crane arrive within 45 minutes of your call?
We don’t just have big duty wreckers — we have everything you need to finish the job!
Rotator trucks, heavy duty wreckers, air cushion recovery systems, certified hazmat response, street sweepers, forklift service, front-end loader service, accident recovery units, and other services are available.

Alfredo Towing Services has witnessed it all. We have years of lifting, hauling, and winching experience with everything from tractor-trailer rollovers to school buses, industrial equipment, and even boats! Take a look at our Facebook post below… Take your mouse and move the image around!

Short distance

Alfredo Towing Services offers 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency towing service for all sorts of vehicles, both locally and long distance. Give us a call right away!