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FLATBED  HAULINGDo you drive a luxury car? An expensive pickup truck? An upscale SUV? Then you may want to request a flatbed tow truck, location permitting. The drawback of using a flatbed is that they’re large trucks, and are less mobile than a wheel lift tow truck. Operating in tight spaces is impossible.

The advantage of a flatbed hauling truck is absolute security. Moving a sedan, Jeep, SUV or truck on a flatbed maintains the wheels in a stationary position, preventing possible damage to the transmission. Flatbed hauling is the best option for four-wheel drives, and for heavier, or luxury vehicles. In fact, four four-wheel-drive Vehicles, any other towing method could ruin the transmission, since a four-wheeler must be transported with all four wheels off the roadway – a ‘wheel-lift tow’ is therefore out of the question.

At Alfredo Towing Service, our flatbed auto haulers are heavy-duty trucks with a movable platform. The platform slides down partially from the truck frame to meet the ground, so a car can be driven onto the platform under its own power, or hauled onto the platform using a winch system. Strategically located chains and straps ensure your car does not move while being transported

When you need a tow, call Alfredo – Alfredo Towing Service, that is!

Our dispatcher will ask for the make and model of your car, SUV, or truck, and will need details about your location. This information will help us decide whether wheel lift towing or a flatbed hauling is the best way to move your vehicle. We always send the most appropriate truck to the rescue.

Then chill – we’ll be on our way.

flatbed hauling

We’re sorry you’re stuck – but we’ll help you set things right. We promise:

When you talk to a dispatcher, it’s important that you provide information clearly and completely. Location is not only important to finding your stalled or damaged vehicle, but that information will tell us what kind of vehicle to send. We want to do the job right, and this is how you can help the experience.

And furthermore, depending on the request, towing capacity may become a question when choosing the right truck to send.

As a rule of thumb for occasional or strictly recreational towing, always check the towing capacity that is located in the operational manual of the vehicle doing the work. Resist the temptation to go “just a little over” the prescribed maximum towing weight, use a mathematical shortcut, or wildly guess when estimating the weight of what you are towing. Towing an overweight object, car, or truck not only places great mechanical stress on the towing vehicle, but excessive weight makes rapid stops more difficult, and potentially perilous.

Overweight loads are bad news. They can tear up your transmission. And an insufficient or overly heavy ‘tongue weight’ can create other potential problems.

Bet you’re now asking, “What in the world is a ‘tongue weight’?” It has nothing at all to do with your tongue, or your mouth. That’s because ‘tongue weight is a towing term. It’s the downward force with which the ‘tongue’ of a trailer hitch presses down on the towing vehicle’s hitch. If the downward force is too heavy, excess pressure exerted will affect the towing vehicle’s steering. If the ‘tongue weight’ is insufficient, the vehicle or trailer being towed will sway from side to side. Either problem could lead to loss of control, and an accident. Experts agree that the range for acceptable ‘tongue weight’ is somewhere between 9%-15% of the total GTW (Gross Trailer Weight).

Bet you didn’t know that!

Not to worry. Alfredo’s Towing will ask the necessary information to do the job right. We always send out the most appropriate tow truck for the job; and we have the weights of all makes and models of vehicles as reference. That’s why we ask . . .

Once we arrive, our job is to get you on your way as soon as possible, and at a good price. Alfredo Towing Service (813-343-2169) prides itself on reliability, speed of arrival, knowledgeable and courteous drivers, excellent prices, and exceptional service. Read our Customer Reviews!

Once you’ve called us, you can rest comfortably. Help is on the way in just a half hour.

We use GPS and the latest wireless technology for dispatching. AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) systems, many of which utilize the same technology as GPS, display the location of company tow trucks on a map and feed information to a computer-assisted system that helps dispatch the appropriate company truck closest to your stranded vehicle. Then, our truck-mounted GPS will lead us right to you!

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