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Flatbed Hauling Services with Alfredo Towing Company

Alfredo Towing Services is one of the top national towing companies in the United States, offering flatbed hauling services

 Every flat deck shipping project that Alfredo Towing does is different. We understand that each and every shipment is unique in its own way and has unique solutions.

Our professionals will ask the necessary questions to better understand your circumstances and aspirations. As we learn more about you and your cargo, we’ll let you know when your shipment will arrive and give you the best rate we can.

We also put our clients in touch with experts who can help them get the job done. These experts can help with things like tarping, securing loads, escorting, getting permits, and more.

Our supervisor will need the make and type of your vehicle, as well as information regarding your location. This data will aid us in determining whether wheel lift towing or flatbed hauling is the best option for transporting your vehicle.

We always dispatch the best truck to the rescue.

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What does flatbed Haulage mean?

Flatbed hauling is a type of hauling where you haul things that are too big or too wide for a normal truck bed. You could be moving things like lumber, steel coils, shingles, and pipe.

Or you could be moving military vehicles, machinery, and even mobile homes. Basically, anything that is too big or oddly shaped to fit in an enclosed trailer.

In Canada and some U.S. states, like Michigan, it’s pretty common to see a truck pulling more than one trailer at the same time.

Flatbed hauling trailers are 103″ wide and 53′ long. The frames are made of strong aluminum, and the floors are made of wood. Most flatbeds have decks that are flat, but some have decks that drop down.

They don’t have walls, but you can buy side rack kits or walls made of fixed tarps made of canvas.

You can also get curtain-side trailer covers and self-supporting tarp systems for curtain-side trailers. You can easily cover your cargo with these as they roll forward or backward on the trailer.

Why do you need a flatbed truck?

Do you drive a fancy car? A pick-up truck with a hefty price tag? An expensive SUV? If this is the case, you should inquire about the availability of a flatbed hauling tow truck in the area.

The use of a flatbed has the disadvantage of being less mobile than the use of a wheel lift tow truck due to the fact that flatbeds are huge trucks. It is not possible to operate in such confined spaces.

The benefit of using a flatbed hauling truck is that it provides complete safety. If you transport a sedan, Jeep, SUV, or truck on a flatbed, the wheels will remain in the same position throughout the transfer, protecting the transmission from potential damage.

To move four-wheel drives, bigger cars, or luxury automobiles safely and securely, your best bet is to use a flatbed trailer.

Since a four-wheeler must be moved with all four wheels off the street, a method known as a “wheel-lift tow” is not an option for towing it since it could damage the transmission.

In point of fact, four-wheel-drive vehicles cannot be towed using any other method because of this requirement.

flatbed hauling services

Benefits of Flatbed Trucks Services.

Flatbed trucks are an excellent option for moving a significant volume of material in a short amount of time. They are a highly efficient approach because they can load rapidly and haul your things in fewer trips.

Continue reading to learn more about their benefits.

  1. It is flexible

Because the back of a flatbed truck is open, loading is a smooth process. When there is no boxy wall, there is greater space for loading and packaging. Large commodities can be difficult to load in an enclosed trailer due to the limited space.

The flatbed truck allows complete freedom in terms of what can be loaded because it can accommodate the largest of items. It’s also easier to unload the items once they’ve arrived at their destination, which saves time.

  1. A Wide Range of Materials

Flatbed trucking services are ideal for transporting a diverse range of commodities. A flatbed truck can convey a large number of materials in a single journey.

Flatbed trucking is particularly beneficial for delivering irregularly shaped freight, as well as loose materials. When you use flatbed trucking services, you may save money on shipping and get things done faster.

  1. There isn’t a loading dock

Flatbed transportation knows no bounds when it comes to loading docks. When you hire a flatbed trucking firm, the goods can be delivered to any place, including a residential neighborhood, a major building site, and so on.

  1. Cargo Security

It is safer to transport cargo with flatbed trucks. Because flatbed loads are exposed, specialists utilize coil racks, shackles, traps, and other methods to keep the cargo from shifting during transit.

The cargo will arrive at the destination safely.

Contact Alfredo Towing company for the highest quality flatbed trucking services, and we will put your needs first.

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Why we are the best for your Towing

Our network is comprehensive in every way, and we are one of the largest flatbed shipping companies of the decade. Our carriers have been pre-screened for reliability and performance.

We have a large number of carriers who have worked with our flatbed company in the past, carrying everything from standard flatbed shipping loads to huge heavy haul loads. Every year, we continue to expand our network with additional high-quality carriers.

Call us – Alfredo Towing Service, that is – when you need a tow!

When offering flatbed haul rates, we work with you to discover what you’re moving, creating the logistics required to transport your product swiftly, affordably, and safely.

All of our flatbed hauling services are based on these specs and the needs you’ve specified for transporting your merchandise from point A to point B.

We consider all potential roadblocks so that last-minute delays are minimized. Up to the minute, traffic control is monitored as one of these primary considerations for logistical peace and quiet and timely management.

Flatbed hauling estimates are one of the most dependable flatbed shipping firms, providing real-time logistics tracking while your load travels from point A to point B.

flatbed hauling near me transportation companies with heavy hauling experience offer an unrivaled degree of comfort and dependability to every heavy transporter client.


We’ve established ourselves as one of the most dependable big haul hauling and oversized flatbed hauling near me businesses in the industry.

Contact us for flatbed haul services if you’re seeking flatbed hauling near me shipping estimates or a heavy haul firm that will operate and execute consistently and fulfill your requirements.

Flatbed hauling businesses that are also heavy transporters have the skills and equipment to manage any logistical load, no matter how complicated. 

We Services’ engineers layout every detail of the proposed route, communicating with each state along the way.

For dispatching, we use GPS and the most up-to-date wireless technologies. Many AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) systems use the same technology like GPS to display the location of company towing on a map.

We send data to a computer-assisted system that helps dispatch the proper company truck nearest to your stranded vehicle. Our truck-mounted GPS will then direct us to you!

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