Light and medium towing service

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A towing Service is an alternative when the Roadside assistance service in Tampa is not enough or you need to tow your car to the destination. Alfredo Towing Services Leads light and heavy Towing in Tampa . If you have a car, Sport Utility Vehicle, Vans and Mini Vans, motorcycle, small trailer and need a towing service, call at 813-414-1127 to Alfredo Towing Services, and request our towing service in Tampa.

We use several ways to tow your car. Your car will arrive to its destination safe and undamaged. Towing service with strap method is good for towing the car in mud or sand. Dolly towing technique is a great option for towing front-wheel drive vehicles. While Vans and Mini Vans towing is better with a truck tow trailer.

Alfredo light and medium towing service in tampa
Alfredo towing service company strap method in tampa

Secure Towing Service with strap

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Alfredo Towing Services Company guarantees that the light and medium towing service with the strap method complies with legal regulations. It is a safe way to tow your car. To perform the towing service with a strap, the first thing is to align our tow truck with the car to tow. Then we´ll connect one end of the strap to the car to tow recovery point,the other end to our tow truck.

We will move the tow truck slowly until the strap is strained. We verify the integrity of the strap, to avoid problems during the towing service. We will start to tow the car carefully. If the distance to tow is too long then we will use Dolly towing or tow trailer method. Alfredos towing services will be your best partner if you need a towing service in Tampa.

Affordable Towing Service with dolly

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The dolly towing service is effective and secure. Alfredo towing services offer the towing service in Tampa with affordable prices and excellent ETA. Call us at 813-414-1127, we are available 24/7 ready to tow your car. You can trust in the dolly towing method, Alfredo Towing services company count with specialized tow trucks fleet for tow your car anywhere in Tampa.

The first step for towing your car with the dolly towing method, is to align our tow truck, the dolly, and the car to tow. Then road back our tow truck vehicle and dolly to the nose of the car to tow and roll forward to place the front wheels on the dolly. The load to the dolly will be executed safety. Once the car to tow is on de dolly ,will be secured and towed to it´s destination. Contact us for a towing service quote.

the image show a tow car towing a light car
alfredo towing service in tampa with trailler

Towing Service with Traillers

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To tow a car on a trailer or on top of a tow truck is similar to towing it with a dolly. When Towing the car on the trailer or on the tow truck, the wheels of the car to tow do not touch the road, while in the Dolly trailer only the front wheels are suspended while the others roll on the road. This method is the safest of the techniques that we use for towing service.

We´ll align the car to tow with the tow truck, then we´ll load the car to tow onto the tow truck, then we´ll secure all the wheels and tow the anywhere in Tampa and near areas. In Alfredo Towing Services Company you will be satisfied with our towing service. Register our phone number on speed dial and call us in case of emergency in Tampa.