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The majority of people who own a car will require towing at some point in their lives. Even the most durable and dependable automobiles may require the assistance of towing service on occasion.

Alfredo Towing Service is trusted for getting the task done swiftly and safely for short distance towing.

You may need to employ a towing service if your car becomes unusable due to bad weather or a car accident, or you may intend to have a vehicle towed to a show or your new house. We’ll come to your aid if you have an automobile emergency. Please contact us!!

 Whatever the reason, a towing service will transport your vehicle from one spot to another without you having to drive it.

Local towing is a typical kind of towing that almost everyone may encounter at some point in their lives. Many times a day, Alfredo Towing Service does local tows at all of our places. Local short distance towing is used to carry vehicles over short distance (usually broken or inoperable vehicles).

Short distance towing

What is the distance of local towing?

Vehicles are transported to adjacent places via local towing. Any towing task that is within 100 air miles for CDL drivers or 150 air miles for non-CDL drivers is considered local towing.

If and when you need it?

When your vehicle develops mechanical problems, you will most likely require local towing. Wear and tear or an accident could cause these faults. We’ll tow your car to the nearest service center so that you can get it fixed and back on the road as soon as possible.

If your car develops a problem that makes it hard to drive, local and short distance towing is a cost-effective way to bring it to the nearest auto shop.

Alfredo Towing Service tows a wide range of cars, including the ones listed below:

  • All types of Cars and light-duty trucks
  • RVs
  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Bikes
  • Off-road Rides
  • Flatbed
Pros of our services:
  • Excellent 5-Star Google Reviews
  • Arrival time of 30 minutes, or less
  • Zero hidden fees – Just honest, competitive prices
  • Friendly, courteous and professional service from our driver team
  • And we’re on call and available to assist you, 24\7 days a week!
  • Interstate transport licensing.
  • Easier to locate with customer service issues.
  • Protection of your belongings
  • Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities for every single mission



  • Not for long-distance. But we don’t directly perform short distance towing for a big job on our own (such as transporting a vehicle cross-country). It can be done, and we can help you choose and screen a carrier for those long trips.
The Best Services of Local and Long Distance Towing.

You need a towing company that has the skills and understanding to manage your local  long or short distance towing task. Here quality is very important.

We are the industry’s most reliable towing and recovery company. Any towing project, big or small, is no problem for us.

Alfredo’s Towing is ready for any towing needs 24\7 days and always delivers the best tows at a reasonable price. Our friendly staff will gladly assist you in determining whether you require local long or short distance towing.

Short distance

Below is some important information is given to you:

What is the maximum towing distance?

Long-distance and short distance towing are both defined as the necessity to transfer, tow, or move a vehicle across a distance of 500 miles or more.

If we are unable to provide long-distance towing for a major project (such as hauling a vehicle cross-country), we can assist you in selecting and screening a carrier for those long hauls. Call us to talk about your needs, get a quote, or get help arranging a shipment.

What is the towing distance between cars?

When towing a trailer or a car with a rigid towing system on the open highway, the maximum distance between your vehicle and the one you’re towing is 4 meters.

The highest speed your vehicle can go is 90 kilometers per hour.

If you wish to tow a motorcycle, it must be mechanically disabled and you cannot go faster than 30 kilometers per hour.

What is the best way you can tow a car long distance?

If you have an enough tow vehicle rated to bear its weight, you could transfer your automobile on your own using a tow truck or car carrying trailer.

A tow dolly connects to a hitch and lifts the vehicle’s front two wheels off the ground when towing, allowing the back tires to run along the pavement. Because a car carrier carries the entire vehicle, there is no tire tread wear.

Hauling safety requirements are considerably more critical when towing short distances. Before hooking your vehicle up to a tow dolly or placing it onto a towing trailer, consult with a specialist to ensure the weight is within the predetermined limits.

Do not load the towed vehicle or the carrying trailer with extra cargo, pets, or passengers. Make that the towing vehicle’s or carrying trailer’s braking and directional lights are properly attached. Learn and understand safe towing driving techniques, such as:

  • Make sure there’s plenty of distance between your car and the neighboring one.
  • Turn steadily, slowly, and wide.
  • Slowly apply the brakes to avoid jackknifing.
  • Make sure the tires on the tow vehicle are properly inflated.
  • Before taking to the road, practice driving in an empty parking lot.

To avoid rollovers and loosened hitch connections, uniformly distribute weight in all cars.

Do you want to get professional short distance towing options? Alfredo’s Towing can provide you with sound counsel you can trust.

We are always by your side in your needs

Do all cars have tow points?

Towing points are rarely found on automobiles. For shipping purposes, they may have tie-down points. Many trucks feature recovery hooks, however, these are not tow points.

Vehicles are typically towed by one axle off the ground or carried on a flatbed trailer.

Tow points must be fitted on the car, and the gearbox must be capable of providing lubricant without the engine running, in order to tow a vehicle recreationally behind a motorhome. Not every vehicle can be towed in this manner without causing harm. So, you need an expert person to do the towing job.

Common safety you need for short distance towing?

Any towed vehicle must have at least one red light at the back, and if it is a disabled vehicle (i.e., you’re towing a car rather than a trailer or caravan), the towing connection must be illuminated by the headlights so that drivers passing by are aware that it is being towed.

If you’re using a rope to tow a vehicle, you’ll need to go gently. Because the space between your vehicle and the one behind you is so tiny, the legal maximum is 50 kilometers per hour.

Braking should be gentle and done well ahead of any obstacles. You must ensure that the vehicle in front of you has working brakes; otherwise, it will be unable to stop and will collide with you. If they don’t work, you can use a rigid towing system, load it into a trailer, or call for a tow truck.

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Alfredo Towing Service tows virtually all kinds of vehicles, including the following:

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