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5 Steps of light duty towing

  1. Time is money. When there’s work to do and your truck won’t move,

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LIGHT DUTY TOWING:   Does this term describe your vehicle? ‘Light duty towing’ is a term that applies to towing.

Trucks for light duty towing require less complicated equipment than trucks that perform heavier commercial towing. Light duty tow trucks are best suited for ‘recovering’ or transporting vehicles such as SUVs, automobiles, and smaller trucks. And that’s a lot of the business.

But they are also suited to tow a wide variety of lighter weight vehicles, as well. Light duty towing tow trucks are equipped and used to provide roadside service, and routine service calls ranging from flat tires to battery testing and replacement, plus providing jump starts, or handling engine stalls, rescuing car keys from a locked vehicle, or delivering gasoline.

Incidentally, do you know the difference between towing and ‘recovery’?

light duty towing

It’s all in the straps. The straps used for recovery of vehicles ‘stuck’ in sinkholes, ditches, mud holes, or even submerged in water, must have a good deal more stretchiness than regular tow straps, which have little ‘give’ and can break under intense pressures that a vehicle recovery generates. Our ‘light duty’ trucks weigh about 8,500 lbs., with payload capacity maxing out at 4,000 lbs. We can handle the job!

Light duty tow trucks most often are equipped to perform ‘wheel-lift tows’ with either the front or back wheels in contact with the roadway for the extent of the tow. But some light duty trucks also have the potential to employ an extra dolly, added as an extension to the tow truck.

This extension permits the two wheels that are not elevated by the tow hook to be lifted off the ground for the duration of the tow. The dolly extension eliminates tire contact with the ground. This is of particular assistance for vehicles that may be stuck in gear with wheels that are unable to roll, or where there is heavy wheel or axle damage.

Low-clearance trucks will improve the basic agility and capabilities of light duty towing tow trucks. As parking garages lower ceiling clearances to as low as 6’6” or 7’ – and parking spaces themselves shrink – tow truck maneuverability becomes increasingly important.

Light duty towing can also help private property owners and businesses retain control of their property.

By offering free tow-away signs for your business or driveway, providing our usual 24/7, ‘round-the-clock’ towing service, as well as ensuring towing costs are charged to the vehicle that has violated the parking restriction sign and that communications are handled by company dispatchers who can personalize encounters, we can help you protect your private property or your limited (assigned) parking spaces.

Additionally, the tow truck operators we send to provide private property towing service to a limited-parking business or other private property owner, will be trained in legal and safe towing procedures, in order to avoid potential complications and any legal repercussions for action taken.

Needs differ, and no two requests for assistance are the same. We can also help your business by transporting or towing large pieces of equipment from one worksite to another, from compressors and generators to forklifts, and more.

Alfredo Towing Service has the right truck and the proper power equipment for the job. We will always handle your asset with the same care you would use. The key is, of course, having the correct tools for the job, the right truck to accomplish the desired task, and a knowledgeable team.

The Tampa Bay Times published an online article, back on August 30, 2015, that reported 1.1 million daily commutes by private vehicles in the Tampa Bay; 80.6% were motorists driving alone.

It has only gotten worse since 2015. While commutes are short, on the whole, and only 77.2% of Tampa Bay commutes are to take drivers to and from work, it can take hours to get around town on a busy day. And traffic problems are compounded when a breakdown or accident occurs.

If you are self-employed in sales, or work as a tradesman (or woman) whose income comes from physical labor or personal encounters with business customers, a non-operational vehicle destroys your workday.

Appointments will have to be pushed back later, or rescheduled for another day. Your income is affected, along with your hours on the job. You need help to get moving again! And fast!

Tampa-based, operating in Hillsborough County and vicinity, Alfredo Towing Service can be counted on to do the job quickly and safely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us!

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