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heavy duty towing service

We are a comprehensive business that provides a variety of services, including heavy duty towing service near me, mobile crane services, semi truck towing services, recreational vehicle towing, and fleet car repairs.

 When your car breaks down in Florida, you want to have it towed to the most convenient area in the city where it can be repaired because Florida is a very busy city. This is where we come into play.

What is a heavy-duty tow?

Tow trucks that transport loads weighing 17,000 pounds or more are known as heavy-duty tow trucks. Between light and medium load towing and heavy-duty towing, the common minimum weight is 17,000 pounds. Consider dump trucks, semi-truck trailers, farm machinery, transport containers, or a fleet of vehicles!

Heavy Duty Towing

When conducting heavy- towing, we take care of all the necessary steps to safely tow your vehicle. This includes a full inspection for any damage on both your car and our truck.

If there is any damage, it will be repaired before being put onto the flatbed, which means that you won’t have to worry about repairs after the transport has taken place. Before moving the vehicle, our specialists will take extra precautions to deactivate the vehicle’s airbags, as they have received additional training in this area.

Because of our safety measures, you can feel confident in choosing us for your heavy duty towing service needs!

heavy duty towing service near me

3 Safety Tips for heavy-duty towing service near me

Driving a car necessitates a fair bit of ability. That means hauling something while driving a car necessitates a significant increase in ability, and towing something extremely heavy duty towing service necessitates even more.

When pulling another vehicle, a trailer, or any other goods, it’s critical to keep safety in mind. This is especially true when pulling large goods such as buses, semis, and other machinery that demands significant towing.

Today, we’re going to go over three towing safety precautions that you should keep in mind whenever you’re getting ready to tow something:

1. Make sure you have a tow truck that can handle your goods.

Knowing that your car can tow the trailer you’re towing isn’t enough. It’s critical to have a vehicle that can draw the load you’re towing with ease.

Allowing your cargo or trailer to determine your location on the road is extremely dangerous. Accidents are likely if your vehicle isn’t capable of towing your stuff.

The cargo (the maximum allowable weight of cargo and passengers that the vehicle is designed to carry), the towing capacity (which indicates how much the vehicle can safely tow), and the gross combination weight rating (which includes the payload and the towing capacity) are all listed in your vehicle’s manual.

You’re safe if the tow vehicle’s towing capacity exceeds the weight of the trailer and the cargo it’s pulling.

2. Keep up with routine maintenance.

A smooth tow is only possible if you keep your towing vehicle up to date with maintenance.

Towing puts a car under a lot of strain. Checking the brakes, topping off the coolant, and changing the oil and filter on a regular basis are all essential.

Heavy duty towing puts a vehicle under much more strain than typical towing. This is because the cargo being pulled, such as a school bus or a garbage truck, is enormous and heavy.

To keep the towing car in good working order, you’ll need to replace the oil more frequently than you would for a vehicle that you don’t tow.

3. Recognize the tow system

You could be dealing with a variety of hitch systems depending on the trailer and the load.

Whatever system you use, it’s critical to understand the hitch system and how to properly lock the hitch. This is especially true if the cargo you want to haul demands heavy-duty towing.

Large loads and highly heavy duty towing cargo are inherently more unsafe to pull and are more prone to weaken or undermine the hitch system if not properly secured.

The safety of your towing is jeopardized if the hitch system is not equipped to carry the heavy-duty load.

In the event that your trailer goes unhitched, make sure to properly install safety chains in addition to understanding the hitch system.

heavy duty towing

Why heavy-duty truck is best for towing?

A. They are capable of towing heavier vehicles.

One of the most significant advantages of heavy duty towing tow trucks is their ability to pull larger automobiles.

Whether it’s your SUV, 4×4, or semi-truck, these heavy duty towing tow trucks have the necessary capability to safely transport such vehicles.

This means you can trust that a reputable firm with high-quality, heavy-duty towing service tow trucks will be able to assist you with your large automobiles.

B. They are easily accessible.

Towing huge automobiles is a difficult task, and not all towing businesses can assist you with heavy duty towing. That’s why hauling bigger automobiles that require specific tow beds requires heavy duty towing tow trucks.

Towing a heavy duty towing vehicle is not something you do every day. As a result, such services are easily accessible anytime you require them.

C. They’re a lot safer.

One of the most significant advantages of heavy duty towing tow trucks is that they are built to haul larger vehicles. Many people like to tow their cars with a basic tow and drag technique.

This method puts strain on the towing chains and may cause damage to the car.

Choosing a professional heavy duty towing service near you to protect your vehicle from harm and transport it to its destination is a better option. Flatbeds on such heavy duty tow trucks are specifically built to haul larger cars.

They use chains and hooks to keep the vehicle in position so that it does not move throughout the transfer. Heavy-duty towing tow trucks are a safe choice because of these features.

D. They are economical

Towing a car or a large truck is an expensive service. You may have to pay more to have your vehicle towed to its chosen location if you live in a region where towing services are not readily available.

There are, however, some towing businesses that specialize in this service and charge less than some mechanics.

Furthermore, their equipment and high-quality vehicles make them a safer and more affordable option.

They also offer several packages that contain various services like battery boosting, tire maintenance, and others. In some cases, a customer may require such services.

E. They work in all kinds of weather.

Another advantage of heavy duty towing is that it may be used in any weather. Heavy-duty towing tow trucks are capable of standing firmly on icy and rainy highways while still towing vehicles behind them.

This implies they are a trustworthy option, and you can count on them in any condition.


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We provide light and heavy duty towing services, as well as skilled operators and drivers and a variety of specialized towing equipment for rent.

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